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We have started doing interviews with musicians when they come to town. If you are going to be playing in the Santa Rosa area and want to be interviewed email us at

Our first interview was with Kevin Casey of Rubber Side Down when they played at The Old Vic in Santa Rosa 4-26-02.
hear the interview mp3 format approx. 1.4 megs
hear the interview real player stream

One of Many was the other band that played at The Old Vic on 4-26-02
hear the interview mp3 format approx. 1.8 megs
hear the interviewreal player stream

On saturday May 4th we went to Jesse Jeans Coffe shop and checked out some bands that were playing.
Make some time to go to Jesse Jeans and check out some Independant artists do their thing. Here are some interviews that I did that day.

Atomic Mint was the first interview I got that night.
atomic mint interviewmp3 format approx 1 meg
atomic mint interviewreal player stream

Controvert was a fun band to interview. I had been incontact with them through email and this was the first time I was able to meet them.
Controvert interview mp3 format approx 1.5 megs
Controvert interviewreal player stream

Karate High School Talk about fun these guys had me rolling. I actually screwed up and didnt push the record button when I started their interview. I realized it towards the end and got it recroding and then had to tell them we had to do it over. Luckily they were still as funny on take two. Here is the ending of the first and the complete second interview in one.
karate hs interview mp3 format approx. 1.1 megs
karate hs interview real player stream

Check here often there are more to come.
I'm no reporter so if there are questions that I should be asking these guys and gals or if there is a particular band you want interviewed let me know. I will do my best to get it right.

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